About Troyce

 As you may know, I was born with one hand. I finally stopped being scary at the age of 26, in the month of November in 2020. Judging by my online persona, along with a new and upcoming business (ThisAbility) you were probably thinking I’ve been experienced that vulnerable stage. Nah, this is all new to me I was my own biggest enemy and worst critic for 25 years! Can y’all believe that? I allowed fear to cripple me (I know what you’re thinking...haha) very funny. But that limitation superseded anything in the physical form, the damage was done between the ears.

Naturally, the next question is, “so what changed for you”? Well, everything but I had to change first, my mental makeup had to change. I was too fragile, too weak, and too afraid to take chances. There were things that I wouldn’t allow myself to do because of my “ThisAbility” things that I would daydream about, but the emotion of fear would always wake me up. -Sidebar two years ago, this blog would have absolutely been out of the question lol

In 2020 I started to come to the realization that my “ThisAbility” was not a curse but an opportune ticket and that I could use it as a tool. I could use people’s reasoning and logic against them, for my benefit. Examples? I would record myself showing the world how I tie my shoes, put on clothes, working out, shoot a basketball, cook, even livestream me playing video games. You would be amazed by some of the reactions I get. I’m not totally incompetent y’all. However, the biggest benefit, I received from doing those different tasks…was confidence! Proving people wrong, not being ashamed doing things I love while still being nervous is everything. Because I know I’m still growing, so from that I know better things will come.

If this reaches you, and you have a “ThisAbility” or just simply lack confidence, drive, or willpower. Don’t let the fear of failing, or being ashamed hold you back, you could be living your life on your own terms and thriving at it. Stop being Scary and go get it!

-If you would like to see me doing any of the aforementioned activities, please click the links below!