Why the name?

My mission and purpose is to assist people in 3 ways:

  1. Motivate people to identify strengths that they either secretly possess but are afraid to exhibit due to lack of confidence, and/or focus. Or simply lack inspiration to seek said skill.
  • This is important when a person either has a limitation physically or mentally. Confidence is a prerequisite to not only this field, but life. I believe mental focus is the fuel that will give you access to the next level.
  1. To create a secure and advantageous community. Like minds or bodies come together for dialogue, help push one another for the better, and learn from one another’s experiences.
  • Counsel is key when vulnerable, the feeling of being alone in tough times or not “fitting” in with people because you feel that they can’t relate to your situation can be very challenging. An accepting community can be that steady shoulder for a person to lean on, and confide in. We believe that this type of support is detrimental to the cause due to the strength of teamwork, as well as unity.
  1. Embrace your “ThisAbility”! Face it early and face it often. You don’t have the luxury of dwelling on the cards that was dealt. The disadvantage could be too wide of a margin to continually waste time on “what ifs” doubt and fear. Learn to love the “ThisAbility’ it could be used to your advantage instead of a crutch for a weakness.
  • People with “ThisAbilities” are a unique crop. At first glance, it seems we are the unfortunate, or cursed truthfully, it’s the opposite. From either birth, or the time of an accident we automatically are trained to be adaptable, versatile, and humbled. Those three traits are pivotal in every stage of life, if applied correctly can make you a successful person. However, to get to that stage, there must be an understanding between you and your inner self. “Look this who I am, and this is my obstacle” How do I overcome? Learn your strengths and study diligently on your weaknesses.